A downloadable game for Windows

Use the Up and Down arrows to control the polygraph needle.

Try to get the character into the correct buildings according to the story being told.

You will arouse a little suspicion for an okay choice, and a lot of suspicion for a bad choice.

Too much suspicion will result in a game over.

** Please Note: This was only started toward the end of the Jam, so it was rushed, I'm afraid. It is quite buggy and very short!**

Thank you for checking it out! =]

Edit: Had to remove the HTML version because it wasn't working for some reason!


LieDetectiveWIN.zip 19 MB


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The web version won't run for me, I click "run game" and the button disappears then the screen is just blank and nothing?

i have the same problem :(

Sorry about that! I have no idea why it's doing that. I'm afraid I can't edit it until the jam is over.
I think the downloadable version works, if you have Windows.

Thanks for letting me know! =]