• The tutorial  section of the game does not seem to be working for some people (I'm working on a fix), so the instructions are:

    Type the characters that are highlighted in green.
    Whenever you press the space bar (when it is highlighted), you will jump.
    Try to jump over obstacles and outrun the Creeping Darkness!

A Space in Time is a strange mashup of an endless runner game and a typing game.

It was created for the Games Plus Jam 2 (https://itch.io/jam/gamesplusjam2), for which the theme was 'Space'. I had to make it complicated, didn't I?

It was a fun little project to make, even if playing it is rage-inducing! I hope you enjoy =]


Code by me

(Awful, minimal) Art by me

(Complete lack of) Audio by me

Really helpful tutorials by Games Plus James (https://www.youtube.com/user/gamesplusjames)


A Space in Time (Win) 19 MB

Development log


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Great consept! Really enjoyed playing it. One thing I think would have been cool is if it were bigger gaps that you could only clear by double jumping (aka spelling the next word and pressing space a second time while still being airborne)

- Chris :D

Thanks for playing! =]
That's a cool idea, I might have to implement that in a future update!
Thanks so much for your feedback!